1. Things About Michael Jackson’s Skin Disease---Vitiligo



    If people look back on the history book concerning the field of pop music, Micheal Jackson’s music career is undoubtedly an extremely glory page that no one could ever possibly skim or overlook. With his creative moonwalk and stunning music videos sweeping across the globe in no time flat, he has gained his enormous popularity among people around the world till today even he has left for the heaven. There is no doubt that he is a mega star of all time but there is also another saying of “Higher position comes with bigger fallacies” that describes a superstar’s status. And this is particularly true on Michael Jackson. The rumor emerged in the mid 1980s when his skin started to turn pale and the rumor went on a rampage later when his skin turned into completely white in the 1990s. Back at that time, rumor had it that he had bleached his skin and had received a number of plastic surgeries progressively so that he could look like a real white person.

    Having said that, the conspiracy theory has been cast aside when the truth has unveiled itself: Michael Jackson was a vitiligo patient. Vitiligo is never a new skin disease but still many people are at sea when confronting this problem. Vitiligo is actually caused by a generalized abnormality of body’s immune system. It’s major symptom is the appearance of white spots on the body which can even aggravate into a whole body skin color change. Currently there is no way to thoroughly eradicate vitiligo or stop the palling process. Even though many company has developed a series of professional skin care products that are aiming at the treatment of white spots caused by vitiligo, but the mere use of skin care products is just not enough. To better treat with this skin disease, some instructions are also needed.


    1. Ask a dermatologist for topical treatments. Methoxsalen, pimecrolimus, tacrolimus and corticosteroid are the 4 generic names of topical treatments.

    2. Trimethylpsoralen like Trisoalen can be orally taken according to the prescription. This helps the improvement of pigmentation.

    3. Ultraviolet light therapy can be taken into consideration. Pigmentation in the skin can be activated through a ultraviolet light therapy.

    4. If money is sufficient, a skin graft would be a feasible choice. Ask professional doctor for advice. Skin from other parts of the body can be grafted on the the desired areas to strike a balance to the skin color. Notice that any surgery comes with risks and often costs a large sum of money.

    5. If the wish is just to hide up the patches. Then go to the doctor’s and ask for recommended cosmetic cover-ups. Remember that cover-ups only work as a masking for the vitiligo not an effective cure.

    Those who are suffering from Michael Jackson skin disease should not be upset or desperate. There are always solutions for everything in this world and vitiligo is no exception. Just like what Micheal Jackson once sang in his lyrics: “It don’t matter if it’s black or white”. Thus, don’t be ashamed if white spots are scattered on face, arms or neck, the world is still bright and life still goes on.