"The holiday season"

  • Peace family as we approach the end of 1 year and the start of another we come up on the "holiday season". Now I know when I first came into K.O.S. I shut down all of these "European holidays" but honestly I didn't dig deeper then that. Did you know the fall harvest that our ancestors celebrated predates any European "thanksgiving". It was/is a celebration for the bounty of the fruits & vegetables that was planted & cared for during the spring & summer. So that celebration is nothing new to us. Also the winter solstice (now sold as christmas) predates the European concept of christmas. Once you come into the light your research should go deeper then the European adulteration of the natural order of things. The tree that many put up could be traced back to Kemet. Point being it all started with us, so don't go from one extreme to the other. Like myself I'm sure plenty of the "conscious community" celebrated thanksgiving, christmas, holloween, etc. But once we found out its origins in this country we cut it out our lives due to the lies we were told about its start. Dig deeper & you'll see the traditions that were demonized are the backbone & foundation to most if not all "holidays" in this country. A true god & goddess that can flip the word nigger around from a word of pain & the last thing many heard before their death to a term of endearment and doing the knowledge to find its root in NEGUS can find themselves in these "holidays". I'm not saying go stand in line for stuff you don't need just because of the guise of a sale, I'm saying flip the script again to make these days more personal to you & yours. We celebrate The Feast of Graditude (the 4th Thurs in Nov) & Children's Day (12/25) but we don't put the commercial in it. We'll be also celebrating the Winter Solstice. Do what you feel but don't stop you research at the 15th century either. Digging deeper is what gives you true Knowledge of Self & raises your Christ consciousness. Peace, love and light. Thank you for reading.
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  • kevin kruse
    kevin kruse Peace family as we approach the finish of 1 year and the begin of another we come up on the "Christmas season". Presently I know when I initially came into K.O.S. I close down these "European occasions" however sincerely I didn't burrow further then...  more
    July 26, 2017