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Untitled Document Kemetic Scribes (Seshew New Kemet)


What is Kemetic Scribes (Seshew New Kemet);

Founded in 2015, is a social network site for sharing interest in Kemetic /Africana Studies. Its mission is to give people the power to share and make connections otherwise not possible. People use Kemetic Scribes (Seshew New Kemet) to discover what's going on in the Africana World. It enables users to create public profiles within the website and form relationships with other users in who access their profile. Kemetic Scribes can be used to describe community and academic based websites, online discussions forums, chat rooms and other social and scholarly spaces online. At Kemetic Scribes, we feel there is a huge opportunity to get everyone in the African diaspora connected, to give everyone a voice and to help transform the Africana World for the better future. We believe this creates stronger relationship among our people and help us understand and expose us to our many different perspectives. As people share more it creates a more open culture and leads to a better understanding of the lives and perspectives we share.

What is Africana Studies?

Africana Studies is the critical and systematic study of the thought and practices of people of African descent in the past and present unfolding – Karenga, 2002

"The discipline of Africana Studies activist-intellectual tradition goes back as far as classical African civilization such as ancient Kemet. In the ancient Kemet, the Sesh or Scribe was expected to use knowledge and skills to serve the people by ensuring justice, caring for the vulnerable and the environment, respecting persons and bearers of dignity and divinity, and working for future generations." – Research Methods in Africana Studies

What is Kemet (Kemetic)?
Kemet is the ancient native name of Egypt.


What is Seshew New Kemet?
Seshew New Kemet (Scribes of Kemet) is the ancient native spelling for Kemetic Scribes. Seshew (scribes) is the plural word for Sesh (Scribe) kmt.

Why we use Tehuti?
Tehuti is the Neter that is credited for inventing the Medu Neter (Hieroglyph). He is considered to father the written language and the patron of the Sesh. Tehuti is the personification of deep thought emerging from knowledge and wisdom. – Research Methods in Africana Studies. The name Tehuti is compounded of tehu which means 'to measure' and 'ti,' which mean 'dual.' – Metu Neter V.1

"Tehuti is often represented by the head of a stork-like bird. He is also depicted holding a scroll and papyrus, which are symbols of the Sesh. Like the Sesh and Tehuti, the scholar in Africana Studies is charged with producing knowledge of highest standards of deep thought that will be of benefit to future generations of people of Africana descent, the larger society, and the universe. This goal is achieved by the systematic study of the lived experiences and prospects of people of African descent… The Sesh was not an individual who was concerned with personal advancement, but instead was concerned with immortality. The discipline of the Sesh was writing in accordance with the precepts of Maat – truth and justice." – Research Methods in Africana Studies