What you might not know.

  • Peace everyone I'm going to share something that some of y'all aren't going to like but your not going to do the research to confirm or deny, you'll just be caught up in your feelings but that's cool. I'm readings a book on candle magik and most of us was introduced to candle magik by our parents on our first birthday. When you put put candles on a birthday cake & light it your invoking the elements of fire & air, then a séance is performed by everyone there (the happy birthday song), then your told to put your intentions into the candle (make a wish). After all that then you negate the whole ritual by disrespecting the fire by blowing it out. If you want your "wish" to come true you snuff out the candle, let it burn out or use your fingers to extinguish the flame. Most of the practices in this Western world origins come from the esoteric or pagan (pagan means nature worshiper) practices. When Emperor Constitine wanted to make Christianity the main religion of his empire he knew as a politician he had to please the christian and pagan populations. So he blended both to appease everyone. If you research you'll see the days of the week are taken from different gods, goddesses and planets. It's not spelled Sonday for a reason. Most holidays are adapted from pagan rituals. Christmas in its origin is from the winter solstice, and easter is a celebration of the goddess of fertility Ishtar (pronounced easter). Don't believe me do your own research. The same people that said Voodoo (Vodu/Vodun) was the devils work was the one's that couldn't defeat the people that practiced it. They took away what our ancestors practiced for centuries and replaced it with something they made up to better conquer & control the people. The "devil" doesn't liberate, and Haiti got it's liberation through staying true to their ancestors & spiritual parents. I doubt you'll ever see a jew with a german flag over their profile pic or say "pray for Germany" but I saw plenty Haitians praying for their bully. Only we are told to accept our bullys treatment, don't defend yourself and when you die (or be killed) then & only then do you get to go to paradise. All the while the bully has paradise on earth through your subjugation and resources of your land & you both pray to the same diety. But I digress. If you look at your day to day you'll see that what you was told that was good or bad was from someone who had an agenda in telling you that. Now this is going to get to one person that will read it & continue living their life as is without question, the other person will be in their feelings but won't do any research but say I'm wrong. When you had to do a report for school you was told to use more then 1 book for better clarity but when it comes to your soul your told only 1 book is what you need (oxymoron to me) be it the bible or koran. The last person will read this, do some research and come to their own conclusion, this post is for that individual. Peace, love and light and thank you for reading.
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  • Herukhuti Beqennu  Amen
    Herukhuti Beqennu Amen True that, when I speak to my spiritual parents and ancestors for something I thank them for it like I already have it. When you come as a servant asking for things you get nothing but when you come as if its manifested already thats when you see results.
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    Herukhuti Beqennu Amen Paul the name of the ebook on kindle is Candle Magic: The Definitive Guide by Sasha Cillihypi
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    Watson Zion There's a lot of eBooks on both voodoo and flame enchantment out there. Its pretty much discovering which ones impacts you. I think most about this ought to as of now be known by most here despite the fact that the flame stuff is different to me. I'll...  more
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