What is Melanin

  • What is Melanin? Melanated people need to know the basics about melanin and how to nourish melanin so we can get some postive use from it. Melanated people are controlled by their failure to realize that the our race is a Melanin Dominate race. We Nourish ourselves frequently as if we're Caucasians, we get treated in this healthcare industry as if were Caucasian .. The Health-care industry is shamefully indulging in white supremacy, seeing how all tests and studies are done with their dna. Melanin is the biochemical substance that drives physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. Melanin is found in the environment, springs, lakes, soil, plants, atmosphere and animals. Melanin is a vital chemical that makes life itself. It is usually brown to black in color. Melanin is flexible like plastic, can be resemble a cloud, gas, wood, metal or liquid and takes on many forms without losing it's structure. It is also heat resistant. Melanin is a civilizing chemical, reproduces itself, a free radical protector, can be transformed in the blood, concentrates nerve and brain information, neutralizes, oxidizes (breakdown) converts substances, reduces ( builds) another substance and is unchanged by radition and high temperatures. Melanin is inside and outside the body. The more melanin a race has the more humane and civilized the race. Melanin is made by cells called Melanocytes. Inside the Melanocytes are smaller organs (organelle) called Melanosome which makes melanin. Inside the Endoplasmic Reticulum the Melanosomes are made. In other words, small cells build bigger cells, bigger cells build larger cells and the end product of all building from a small particle into a larger particle is the chemical Melanin. Melanin absorbs all type of energy such as sunlight, electromagnetic, music heard from the human ear and sounds the human ear cannot hear, phone waves, radio waves, radar, computer radiation, x-ray, cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, heat waves, microwaves, etc. Melanin uses the energy in the total environment such as water energy, earth, moon, sun, galaxy, cycles of planets, cycles of minerals etc. On the molecular level the melanin particles called electrons, protons, neutrons and solatons rearrange their orbits. This is called resonance. In other words, the melanin particles vibrate and rearrange themselves to fill the weak (low)energy sites. Melanin is the natural chemical that makes Black people's skin black. It is present in Black people's bodies, skin, cells, nerves, brain, muscles, bones, reproductive and digestive systems and all bodily functions in a higher amount than all other races. The color of melanin appears to be Black because it is absorbing all colors. Once the color enters the melanin it cannot escape. Melanin is concentrated colors, it is a cellular Black hole similar to the Black holes in outer space.
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    Deborah Young First day and in and already happy the Truth will free the soul. God In The Flesh
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  • Baba Lawrence
    Baba Lawrence 7 Reasons Why It's Important to Understand Melanin

    1.) Melanin amount and quality is what distinguishes you from other races
    Races are classified according to the amount of Melanin their group contains. On one end we have Caucasians with a little bit,...  more

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    Watson Zion In the first place day and in and right now upbeat the Truth will free the spirit. Melanin sum and quality is the thing that recognizes you from different races are ordered by the measure of Melanin their gathering contains. Pertinent Melanin learning...  more
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